Hail damage on a vehicle can be an eye sore to a once flawless vehicle!

Why hassle with the local body shop to repair these dings caused by hail by using body filler (aka bondo) and then repainting the the panels when you can have it done without body filler and re-painting by using paintless dent removal.

At Caldwell’s Paintles Dent Removal we specialize in removing those unsightly dings and dents cause by hail. Hail damage can not only damage the looks of your vehicle it can affect the value as well.

Cauldwell’s paintless dent removal can restore your vehicle to pre- hail damage looks and value. We offer the best hail damage removal in Troy, Piqua, Tipp City, Dayton area!

With over 10 years experience and a 100% guarantee you can count on us!

Whether it is your car, truck, SUV, or an entire lot that received hail damage give Caldwell’s a call at 1.877.473.2700 today for your free estimate.